Beverly Chua

*Beverly's Swap Handbook


Materials: An empty jewel type CD case (either audio or CDRom)
Thin magnetic sheet with a peel-off magnetic backing (can be purchased at craft stores such as Michael's for about $2)
Eyeshadow and/or blush pans removed from original cases

How to: Pop out the plastic insert in the CD case. Cut the magnetic sheet to fit one side of interior of CD case (I like to open mine with the hinge part on the left, so I place my sheet on the right side. You can either peel off the backing and stick it down, or simply slip the sheet under the tabs and it will also stay put.

Arrange metal eyeshadow/blush pans in any arrangement - the metal pans will stick to the magnetic sheet and can be easily re-arranged. Pans can be removed from gwp sets and arranged here, as well as any purchased pans.

Close the CD cover and there you go! A customized and portable palette! You can decorate the outside of the case with stickers, or paints. Tip: I label the bottom of the metal pans using a permanent laundry marker - write on the bottom of the pan the make and color name.

Another container that works well also, are the metal tins - either the larger ones that ISP discs (like AOL) come in, or even very small ones, like Altoids a cut to size piece of magnetic sheeting on the bottom and place e/s or blush pans in...the small tins are great for travelling or your purse. You may even be able to find small adhesive backed mirrors in craft stores to use inside these!

(donated by Suze)

2002 Beverly Chua
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