Beverly Chua

*Beverly's Swap Handbook


Here are some tips compiled by myself and other MUAers to help you on your first few swaps! Tips for a custom purchase are further below.

Negotiating A Swap:
* It is courteous to reply to your swap emails within 24-48 hours. If you are unable to do so, a quick but polite "I will get back to you as soon as possible, I am just really busy at the moment!" will suffice.
* When sending out a swap requests, you usually will receive a response quickly. If the other swapper is rude enough to ignore your request, just cut your losses - who wants to swap with someone who isn't polite enough to repond to all their requests anyway? :P
* Do keep all correspondence, for future reference.
* Once you have exchanged addresses, the swap is considered FINALIZED. Both parties are obliged to complete the swap unless alternate arrangements have been made.
* Do keep in mind that if you have few tokens and the other swapper has many more than you, you will usually be expected to send your end first.

Sending A Swap:
* If your item is used, do sanitize it if the swapper requests you to. If not, please ensure there are no stray hairs or fur to the item - sending a dirtied items is the fastest way to make swappers avoid you!
* Always make sure your items are well protected! It is best to send them in a bubble envelope, taped shut for extra security.
* Reusing packaging is normal, but please make sure the address is clearly written. If stapling a package shut, put some tape over it so the staples can't get caught on something.
* If sending liquids or lotions, be extra careful. Tape around the lid and put in a separate plastic bag just in case it leaks.
* Calculate your shipping costs WITHIN THE US or SENDING OUT OF THE US

Waiting For A Swap:
* Most local packages within the US reach within 3-5 business days.
* Most International packages take approximately 5-14 business days.
* Do keep receipts at the Post Office should you need to provide proof of mailing.

After A Swap:
* Do leave a token after receiving your swapper's package.

Swap Gone Bad?:
* The "Problem Swapper List" will give you a list of known swaplifters. Do check this list before you start a swap to ensure that the swapper isn't listed there. If you have been swaplifted, email the owner and the swaplifter's info will be put up so others can avoid her.
* Remember to regularly visit Swap Tawk, a board dedicated to all swapping-related discussion.
* You can try to resolve your swap through Square Trade.
* Remember to leave a negative token if you did not receive your end.

* If both you and the swapper are in the USA:

* File Mail Fraud with USPS here.
* File a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center
* File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

* If both you or the swapper are NOT in the USA:

* File a complaint with Econsumer

Custom Swaps:
* Normally, the person who wants the item sends their money first. However, if the person who's helping buy the item has very few tokens (ie. 10 or less), it can be arranged that they buy the item and send it first before the money is sent to them.
* The best and safest way to transfer money is through Paypal.
* If sending payment, send it through a cheque or money order. Do not send cash unless absolutely necessary! If you have to send cash, wrap it up in a few sheets of magazine paper to conceal the notes.

And, as always, trust your gut instinct. If the other swapper seems rude, curt or evasive, politely back out before exchanging addresses. Swapping is FUN, let's keep it that way! :)

2002 Beverly Chua
Email me any questions/comments/problems