Beverly Chua

*Beverly's Swap Handbook


Step 1: Get a lipstick palette, lots of places sell them. Bobbi Brown, Japonesque, MAC, etc. Some people use pill boxes (the ones labeled Mon-Fri), some use a water colors palette.

Step 2: Gather all your unused lipstick. Or gather your favorite lipsticks (so that you can take all your favorite lipsticks anywhere, easily!).

Step 3: Take floss, cut off the tip of the lipstick. You can take off more and more gradually, but I suggest you start with a small amount first, because you can always add more later.

Step 4: There are a lot of ways to get the lipstick into the palettes here are some:

a. Put lipstick in a paper cup (those little medicine dosage plastic cups that come with liquid medicine are also great), microwave on high power for approx. 15-45 seconds. Maybe more, depending on type of lipstick, amount, etc. Pour into container/palette. Let cool until firm (you can speed this up, by sticking the palette in your freezer for a few minutes).

b. Put lipstick on a spoon, melt over candle, pour into palette. Let cool until firm (you can speed this up, by sticking the palette in your freezer for a few minutes).

c. Put the lipsticks (still solid) into the palette, take the palette and put it in the oven, at lowest temperature, checking every 2 minutes or so, until lipsticks are melted into palette. Let cool until firm (you can speed this up, by sticking the palette in your freezer for a few minutes). *CAUTION* Palettes that are plastic, might melt. Metal palettes, or palettes containing metal might start a fire/get very hot.

d. "Smush" the lipstick into palette. I find this hard, and not very easy to do it. (I had to warm the lipsticks up a little to actually be able to "smush" them in with the back of a spoon.) It didn't look as nice as when I had melted the lipstick, and a lot of it ended up on the back of my spoon. However this is a good way to get your lipsticks in the palette without using heat.

e. Some people used more creative approaches. By putting the lipstick in the palette then blow drying it, or leaving it on the dash board of their car during the day to melt the lipsticks.

NOTE: I find that melting the lipsticks does not change the consistency, color or taste. I figure that they were melted originally into the lipstick mold, so melting it again won't do anything.

Step 5: Enjoy! You can mix colors with a brush on wax paper (or where ever, your hand, or on your lips). You can make the lipstick a sheer glossy version by mixing in Vaseline and then applying it.

NOTE: If you prefer a more moisturizing base for your lipsticks, melt a tiny bit of lipbalm and mix it into the melted lipstick with a toothpickfirst.


Step 1: Find any powder eyeshadow(s) or blush(es) that you don't want.

Step 2: Set out a working surface (this could get messy), I suggest putting a paper towel or paper bags beneath where your working.

Step 3: Smash your eyeshadows or blushes into powder. (Try using the back of a spoon, or end of a spoon, tooth picks help get the powder around the edges of the pan)

Step 4: Grind until the powder is VERY FINE (any clumps and they'll end up in your gloss, not very pretty and it won't look that good).

Step 5: Mix powder with about 1 and a half teaspoon of Vaseline (give or take depending on amount of powder, etc.) in a paper cup.

Step 6: Put paper cup in microwave for approx. 25 seconds on high heat. Mix again. It should be a liquid-y now.

Step 7: Pour into container.
NOTE: You can use any container, a small jar, the original container etc. I used CG Cheekers blush, and I put the gloss back into where the powder was (after washing it). Then when I made another "gloss" I put that where the brush was, it was a great looking compact! Almost like Cargos Lipgloss!)

Step 8: Enjoy!

NOTE: I've found that some of these "glosses" have a pretty foul taste, you might want to put on some flavored balm before applying.
(NB: Please ensure that the blush/eyeshadow you are using is safe to be used as a lip product before using).

2002 Beverly Chua
Email me any questions/comments/problems