*Beverly's Swap Handbook


Instead of throwing away a broken eyeshadow and getting a new one, this 'recipe' will help you fix it back into the pan, almost as good as new, and definitely usable!

Step 1: Soak shadow bits in alcohol to make paste

Step 2: Smooth out with your finger wrapped in saran wrap, using only the tip, minimize contact. Paste will be dark.

Step 3: Bake in increments of 3 minutes, 25 degrees starting with an oven preheated to 200. (3 minutes, 200 deg, 3 minutes 225 deg, etc) Shadow pan must be stabilized on tin foil. Do NOT use a heat-conductive platform such as a cookie sheet.

Step 4: Watching non-stop, do this until shadow paste just begins to lighten up, signaling evaporation of alcohol. Any shortcuts or leaving the shadow alone for even a few minutes could result in overheating and changing the color.

Step 5: When lightening up begins, remove from oven and let set undisturbed at room temp for 2 days. A little lumpy but recovered.

(donated by mspicky)


Step 1: Collect all the eyeshadow powder on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Create a funnel with the paper and then poured the powder back into the eyeshadow pan

Step 3: Using Saran wrap/clear plastic wrap around your index finger, push all the powder back into the pan with medium force. Keep on pushing until the powder is flat.

(donated by munch)


Step 1: Arrange all of the broken pieces back into the pot, and lay a tissue over the pieces.

Step 2: Take the end of a bottle (MAC Hyperreal caps fit perfectly) and place that over the tissue.

Step 3: Remove the tissue, and the shadow will be perfectly pressed back into the pot and the surface will be as smooth as glass.

(donated by Chloe)


Step 1: Just before your shadow is still damp but NOT pastey from repairing your shadow with alcohol (you should be able to press on it with your fingers)

Step 2: Get a piece of wax paper over your shadow and firmly press down all over the e/s making sure it is set firmly and and the surface is an even as possible.

Step 3: If you see cracks, lightly spray with alcohol and press again using your finger or wax paper.

Step 4: Now here is the good part. Take an old pair of coarse jeans and turn then inside out. (levi's are great...just dont use the thin fabric strechy girly ones...they dont have enough texture)

Step 5: Carefully take one of the insideout legs and put it over the shadow and press firmly all over.

Step 6: Voila! You have the pretty hatchmark you lost in breakage. If the imprint is not showing as much as you want, spray with alcohol and press again or press harder.

(donated by arcat)

MAKING LOOSE POWDER: (Instead of trying to stuff the broken e/s into the pan, you can just make it all into loose powder and use it that way instead)

Step 1: Get a small mortar and pestle (available from kitchen stores) and put all the e/s bits into it.

Step 2: Grind up all the eyeshadow as finely as possible.

Step 3: Put the loose eyeshadow powder in a small tin or tub, and apply using a brush.

(donated by tovachanah)

2002 Beverly Chua
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