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DIY Company directory:
Everyone's experienced the hundreds of fragrances that companies come up with, but have you ever wanted something unique, say, you feel like smelling of Buttermilk Pancakes? Or Pink Lemonade? It may sound strange to put an edible-food scent on your body, but once you've tried it, trust me, you'll never turn back.
These DIY companies below are all small businesses, most of them run by MUA regulars, and your products are custom made and fresh. Give them a whirl and you'll fall in love!

Owned by Michele, Auntie Rhubarb's products are made with natural, great quality ingredients; the most important being love! Michele prides herself on excellent customer service, giving samples of products and fast shipping. Products include Soaps, Creams, Body Sprays, Face and Body Cleansers, Balms and Scrubs,etc
HOT SCENTS: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Christmas Spice, Lilac, Yuzu

Owned by Melissa, the development of A Zaftig Woman products "is an ever-evolving process and we love to make the items that we have researched to be the BEST". There is a large selection of delicious scents to choose from and you can purchase samples for $2 each if you wish to try before you buy. Products include moisturizers, perfumes, showergels, bath products, etc.
HOT SCENTS: Marshmallow Ambrosia, Sugar Drops, Hala-Kahiki, Yuzu, Paradise Found

Owned by Amber, Amber's Daisy offer a massive selection of over 500 fragrances, and all the products are among the best-priced out of all the e-tailers. Be sure to check out the Specials section! They ship worldwide. Products include lotions, bath products, massage products, candles, custom gift sets and baskets, etc.
HOT SCENTS: Creamy Vanilla, Angel Wing, Cantaloupe, Sleigh Bells, and the designer fragrances

Owned by Anji, Cottage Shoppe products are all lovingly "custom made as you order at reasonable prices". There is a massive selection of 100+ scents to choose from, and her rich body butters are a favorite. The scents are slightly lighter and great for those who shy away from overpowering scents. They ship worldwide. Products include hand made candles, lotions, soaps, creams, etc.
HOT SCENTS: Lemon Sugar, Sugar Cookie, Grapefruit Vanilla, Winter Morning, Cocoa Lime Cooler

Owned by Lysa, Dragonfly Blue believes that "Beauty in your personal space to reflect the beauty within you." Unusual scents are offered and their soaps are crafted delicately. They are also renouned for having the best packaging when your order arrives! They ship worldwide. Products include body lotions, soaps, incense, oils, potpourri, etc.
HOT SCENTS: Golden Oak, Mystic Gold, Nile Musk, Indigo, Angel

Owned by Denise, eSoaps' "products are made custom & fresh to your order." The whipped cream formula is a hot favorite and you can even custom make your order to suit your tastes. The products are extremely affordable and shipped quickly after you place your order. They ship worldwide. Products include body moisturizers, soaps, showergels, etc.
HOT SCENTS: Seven Soda, Strawberry Daiquiri, Cake Bake, Cotton Candy, & Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Owned by Adele, Jones Natural products are "carefully handcrafted... from only the finest ingredients". This comprehensive site even offers samplers and a range of over 45 scents. Products include cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, etc.
HOT SCENTS: Sweet Strawberry, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla Sugar, Merlot

Owned by Michelle, Little Shop Of Beauty is a sweet website with "the most unique products, made with the most luxurious ingredients possible." Products include body care, hair care, cosmetics, candles, and even goodies for men.
HOT SCENTS: Pink Flamingo, California Sunshine, Lemon Creme Pie, Tres Leches, Orange Danish.

MMU Cosmetics (aka MMU):
Owned by Nancy, MMU Cosmetics is a massive site with "professional, high quality line of cosmetics and bath and body products". New members (registration is free) receive a 10% registration discount coupon, and there are monthly member specials to take advantage of. MMU allows you to customize the intensity of your scent and they have hundreds of scents to choose from. Best of all, they ship anywhere in the world! Products include a huge variety of body lotions, hair care, scrubs, shaving lotions, etc.
HOT SCENTS: (March 2003) Limone Con Zucchero, Jolly Ranchers, Citrus Cream, Almond Milk, Blue Jeans

Owned by Monique, Natural Esscents products are "handcrafted just for you, using the finest natural ingredients". The sugar body scrub is a cult favorite, and the scents are strong and hold true to their names. Products include body scrubs, fragrances, and moisturizers.
HOT SCENTS: Sugar Limone, Sugared Shortbread, Wedding Cake

Owned by Sherri, Scentual Pleasures is "very picky about our products and make every item with extra love and care". A sample is only $1 each and is enough for 3-5 uses. I received my order in record time and their scents are extremely true and strong. They ship anywhere in the world. Products include body care, accesories, candles, etc.
HOT SCENTS: Pomegranete, Lemon Drop Cookie, Pink Grapefruit, Carrot Cake, Ice-Cold Lemonade.

Owned by Mary, Simplyscents is "the best soaps and lotions you will ever try". Quite a big claim, but the products live up to it. The products are very afforable yet high in quality, and most of the scents are very true with a long-lasting scent. New scents are added on a regular basis. Products include body lotion, shea butter cream, and soaps.
HOT SCENTS: Perfect Love, Yuzu, Lemon Drop Cookie, Hot Cocoa & Pink Melon

Holly offers a wonderfully array of high quality products, fast customer service and beautiful chic packaging. You can sign up for the monthly newsletter to be the first to receive advance notice of new scents, products and special savings. All of her products are made fresh and scents are carefully selected for their authenticity. Favorite products are Marshmallow Shea Cream, Lux Honey Line, Jojoba Oil Sugar Scrub.
HOT SCENTS: Redcurrant, Make Mine Vanilla, Dreamsicle and Almond Milk & Honey

Owned by Danielle, Sweet Scentsations is a "bath & body shop dedicated to creating quality products." You products are custom made to order so you're always guaranteed freshness, and samples are available as well. Products include body lotion, shower gels, and soaps.
HOT SCENTS: Tommy Girl, Baby Powder

Owned by Alice, The Body Perfumery has an extraordinary scent menu. At last count, they had 17 bath and body products that can be scented over 225 different ways. Samples are only 75 cents each. You also get shipping discounts if you order over $40. First time customers receive a free full sized perfume oil or lip balm tin with product totals above $25.
HOT SCENTS: Ambra del Nepal, Cassis, Figuier, Maple Pecan Streusel, Pink Sugar

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