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Welcome to Beverly's Swap Handbook! Here you will find all those little extra hints and tips that you're looking for, or find out about something new. The main feature is the Swap Organizer, where you can place all your swap information online so you have access to them quickly, neatly, and from any computer. Apart from that, there are How To? sections that may be of use to you.. a listing of Acronyms so you'll feel right at home on the MUA boards.. and much more. Have fun!   - Beverly :)

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Originated by a fellow MUAer Renee, this is the *best* way to track how much you've been spending!

New to the whole swapping/custom-buy business, and want some straightforward tips and hints? Check this page out.

ACRONYMS (message board)
Wondering what all the cryptic abbreviations you see all over the boards mean? Be confused no longer.

ACRONYMS (cosmetics/skincare brands)
Brands are often abbreviated on MUA. Find out what they stand for here.

AHA and BHA is all the talk on the boards, do you really know what they mean, and what they do?

DIY scented lotions company directory
Scented body products are all the rage. Here's a directory of great DIY companies that make these unusually-scented products!

FOUNDATION CHART (external link)
Know what shade you are in 1 brand, and want to find out your corresponding shade in another? This chart's for you.

LIPGLOSS CHART (external link)
Lipgloss lovers, this is a wonderful site that lists detailed info about lipglosses from various lines out there.

What Fits Into What?. Itching to get all your individual eyeshadows into a nifty portable palette? Find out which palette they'll fit into.

LOOKALIKE PRODUCTS (external link)
Eyeing that expensive product, and want a cheaper alternative that looks the same? You'll want to visit this site.

This site features products that are yet to be released to the public. Be the first to know what's coming out soon!

Before you buy anything online, check this out first. Many online stores offer freebies and/or discounts!

Want *more* makeup and skincare surfing? Here are a few links for you to check out..

        B R A N D S

BECCA library
Becca's all you hear about on the boards. Find out more about this incredible line here.

Created by a fellow MUAer, Dream Products has tons of vitamin-rich skincare that can be customizable to how you want it!

MAC library
You'll find every single MAC product listed here, alongside their prices.

NARS library (external link)
Francesca's created a slick site on all things NARS!

L'OREAL 'On The Loose' & OPI nail color chart (external link)
Suze has created a comprehensive listing of most of the OPI nail polish shades with descriptions. Pick your color here!

OPI nailpolish pictres & store (external link)
This is your one-stop-shop for all things OPI. You can see pictures of all the colors, and buy them too.

Find out more about one of the most talked-about skincare lines, and how it can give you a flawless complexion.

STILA eyeshadow color chart (external link)
Want a Stila eyeshadow? This site lists them all! There are comprehensive descriptions and photos to help you make your choice.

STILA eyeshadow looks
Not sure how to use your Stila eyeshadows? Here are tons of diferent looks you can play around with.

URBAN DECAY eyeshadow library (external link)
Kanako, a fellow MUAer, has taken the effort to write up a list of Urban Decay eyeshadows as well as superbly accurate scans of them.

HOW TO?... spice up your notepad/swap descriptions
Ever notice how some MUAers have colorful notepads and swap descriptions, with pictures and other fancy bits? It's all done with HTML - get a crash course in it here.

HOW TO?... freeze out your eyeshadows
Freezing your eyeshadows sounds odd, but MUAers do it for the simple reason of putting the eyeshadow pans into palettes.

HOW TO?... heat your eyeshadows out
Toasting, baking, hairdrying, hot-screwdriving eyeshadows also allows you to remove the pan to put it into a palette of your choice. Same thing, different method!

HOW TO?... make an aspirin mask
The aspirin mask is touted to be a great blemish reducer, and many MUAers swear by it. Get the recipe to make your own here - it's cheap and simple!

HOW TO?... use Milk of Magnesia
Sold at chemists as an antacid for babies, this actually is a *great* mattifyier for those with oily skins!

HOW TO?... make your own homemade masks
Simple household foods and items can be used to make an effective mask, and it's especially handy when you've run out of your usual mask. Check out a couple of recipes here.

HOW TO?... fix a broken/shattered eyeshadow
Couldn't you just cry when you drop an eyeshadow and it shatters? Find out how to salvage it here.

HOW TO?... make some quick fix remedies
Got a zit at just the *wrong* time? Want to get shiny hair quick? Frizzy hair? Here are some quick fixes.

HOW TO?... turn a cd case into a customizable palette
Don't throw away those cd cases, turn them into your own personalized palette!

HOW TO?... make your own lipstick palette and gloss
Find out how to put all your favorite lipsticks in a palette, and make your own colored gloss.

HOW TO?... order MUA-inspired accessories
Buy a customized necklace, braclet, anklet or even earrings for cheap!

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